Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Five Letter Word Called TRUST

Since a few days now, I have been coming across this strong, poignant 5-letter word quite often than I would have really liked to. I guess I needn’t explain further that I was trotting through one of those “not-so-happy” days in my life – saturated with emotions and drama and war of stinging words. And sometime amidst it all, as I sat down, reflecting the whole thamasha, I realized that ‘TRUST’ was one fancy word that seemed to have popped up every now and then.

There was me asking myself “Whom should I trust?” There was a friend asking me, “Don’t you trust me?”. There was dad telling me “You should have trusted me”. There was mom telling me “I don’t trust you any longer”. There was an Uncle telling them “Whatever, just trust her”. And finally there was a distraught me crying out aloud and asking them all, “What have I done to break your trust? Why wouldn’t you just trust me like you have always done?”. Guess most of those questions would remain unanswered, atleast for now.. Anyways it has triggered off thoughts which have since then been growing and is now rolling down like a huge powerful avalanche.

TRUST- What is it that makes it so important? What are its salient features, properties, advantages, disadvantages, role in life…blah..blah.. Now that might have sounded really boring and glum, but then I luckily stumbled upon an interesting comparison- Trust is an Investment… high risk, rewarded with either high gains or high loss.

Before one invests his hard-earned money in the markets, he undergoes intensive mental turmoil and tortures, scratching his head, studying the markets and market trends and the world economies and what not, to finally somehow decide where to put in his savings. If getting till here was hard, it only gets even harder from here on. Then is the phase of anticipation and uncertainty, it keeps eating your peace of mind from the inside, you find yourself sitting at the tip of the iceberg every minute, biting your nails, spending sleepless nights, wondering if your instincts would be right, if your money would grow or disintegrate, wondering how your frail heart would take it all if the markets slashed.. Put ask-Have I done right in investing? And have I invested in the right one? And sometimes, deep down, one part of your heart keeps your fingers crossed, murmuring silent prayers, hoping that your instincts would after all be right and that your money is safe… So goes the melodrama of an investor.

And the melodrama associated with trust is also no different, if anything, it is only more complex. It really is a nauseating roller-coaster ride of emotional turmoil as your heart duels with itself to make that final decision of trusting someone. Then, after the decision is made, the ride gets rougher and tougher. Your heart beats faster and you bite your lips as you wait to just be really assured that you have trusted the right one…..

Trusting a person intakes so much of emotional strength that if one faces that moment where the trust is broken, a frail heart is also irreparably broken and yet on the other hand, if that bond of trust deepens, it lives on to be one of the strongest pillars in your life, staying by you to face the ensuing trials of life.

And as you are awaiting the final verdict you keep hoping for the best, the hope keep you going.. And above it all, you realize the emotional thrust and power of this little harmless-looking five-letter word TRUST…………!

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